RACING Our fastest wing for higher speeds and agility while still maintaining stability. Span (cm) 60.3 Root chord (cm) 19 Area (cm2) 870 Aspect Ratio 4.2
GLIDING High aspect ratio, great efficiency, speed, and carving capability. Perfect for calm water or surfing small waves. Span (cm) 81.5 Root chord (cm) 14.5 Area (cm2) 776 Aspect Ratio 8.6
Explorer Wing
The Explorer Wing enables foiling at a lower speed. It is best suited for beginner and casual riders who enjoy steady cruising. Material: carbon fiber Weight: 1.5KG (3.3LBS) 6-month limited warranty
Patroller Wing
The Waydoo Patroller Wing is perfect for more seasoned and adventurous riders. Patroller Wing allows for carving at high speed, a great way to get your adrenaline pumping.  Material: carbon fiber Weight: 0.9KG (2LBS) 6-month limited warranty Tax Included
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