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Get up and foiling quickly and safely with this ultimate 60 minutes Electric hydro-foiling package.

An e-Foil is a board with an electric propeller, which powers the board to move through the water. The e-Foil is powered by an electric motor and rechargeable battery which It’s controlled by a handheld wireless remote that syncs to the e-Foil via Bluetooth.

With e-Foils you don't have to paddle for waves or pump with your legs to keep the board in motion. An e-Foil is basically the world’s smallest personal, motorized watercraft.

To learn to foil with our program guarantees you to foil within the hour lesson. It's fun, exhilarating and safe. We teach with the Waydoo Flyer One Plus, in the beautiful Raglan Harbour. You will get up and foiling in no time and will have a blast cruising around the harbour. 

 60 MIN $180 or 90 MIN $220 includes:

  • Optimal one on one use of an expert instructor
  • Use of all E-foiling equipment, safety gear, impact vests and wet suits.
  • Videos and pictures

Only moderate fitness is required but must be a competent swimmer.

Any purchase of an WAYDOO E-FOIL will include free lessons.

Call us to book today:

Instructor (FX): +64 22 186 2949

Manager (MORGAN): +64 210 244 7902

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